Wow, time flies

Here we are. The baby is 10.5 months old and I’ve been at my job for, coincidentally, 10 months. I hate being as busy as I am all the time, but honestly, I’m not sure if I would know what to do if I wasn’t going 100mph all the time. Here are some of the highlights:

  1. I am back in school for my Bachelors degree, which my company will reimburse as I pass my classes. Yay.
  2. Along with that, I am working a 2nd part time job to go along with my full time job so we can make sure everything is covered. Paying for school this semester upfront and every other thing that always seems to appear out of nowhere is taking it’s toll. Maybe 6 weeks of working two jobs and I can back off after we get back from vacation.
  3. My youngest son is getting to the point of almost walking. He’s standing and holding on to everything as he goes around the house and terrorizes every cabinet knob we have. He is also saying Dada, Bubub and Mom-ma.
  4. My wife is as beautiful and awesome as ever. She takes care of the house and holds it down when I am working to provide.
  5. My youngest is still a pain in the butt when it comes to school but he’s so damned smart. He just needs to learn to apply himself and he will grow up to be whatever he wants to be.
  6. My oldest just turned 16 and he’s got the Freestyle and Greco Roman wrestling state tournament coming up. Placing top 3 qualifies him for Nationals and top 2, I believe, qualifies him for team Indiana for Cadet Duals. No matter what he places, I am proud of him. I will touch more on this in my next blog where I talk about his and my journey that we are starting together on.

I wanted to give everyone a glimpse into my life before I actually started blogging about the things I want to. This way you see where my opinions come from and hopefully you enjoy the ride. This blog is going to be going for a while because, after all, it is about the long game.

I plan on blogging about wrestling, finances, health and other things that people can relate to.

Life Begins At The End Of Your Comfort Zone.

Nine months later I get a message from a security recruiter that a company has a security internship available. After some deliberation I made an extremely hard choice and decided to go for it……………..

I go into the interview and I didn’t try to bullshit how much I knew about IT or Cyber Security. I just went in there and answered their questions to the best of my ability. I knew if I could get in the door that I would do really well. I just needed to be in it, day after day.

I went home pleased with how I did. Now, just to hear back. I was scared though, scared I would get the position and scared that I could not take the position because I had mouths, other than my own, to feed at home. I really had no idea what the pay was going to be, but I knew it was an internship, which now-a-days seem to pay but back in the day interns were almost like free child labor to have college interns do the remedial work that companies didn’t want to handle on their own. Whatever it was I knew it wasn’t going to be close to what I was making as a warehouse manager.

I interviewed on Monday and got a call on Friday. The internship was mine if I wanted. The pay was very good for an internship but it was $25k less per year than I was making at the shitty warehouse. I had my wife, 2 older sons and a baby on the way. In fact the baby was coming June 14th and I was here interviewing for this job a month prior. Wracking my brain to figure out what I had to do is an understatement. After talking to my wife we decided that we would do what we had to do in order to make it work. This way I could get into the field I wanted and after a bit of time we’d be far better off than before.

It was hard for 4 months. But my wife and my 2 older sons were great and 100% that support system I have mentioned before. We did what we needed to and cut back where we needed to in order to make sure we were ok. After 4 months I was hired on as a Jr. Information Security Analyst. My boss didn’t want to make me a Jr. but H.R. said I needed a B.S. and a couple certifications. So I’m back in school right now and don’t have long to get my B.S. and then I’ll get moved up. I’m very grateful and life for our family has finally begun.