The Long Game: Fast Becoming the Only Game

The senior marketing topography is changing at a dizzying rate—along multiple dimensions.  Short term solutions that work today may miss badly in five years and be totally irrelevant in ten. Yet investment, development, operations and marketing must move forward.  Winning means thinking about tomorrow’s business today, so you can make the right move now—and set up smart moves for the future.  That requires focusing on your Long Game.

For those who build a long game, the rewards will be enormous. Americans aged 50 and older are reshaping our economy in their own image. In an iconic research report, AARP identified this demographic as “The Longevity Economy.”  To put it in perspective, if The Longevity Economy were a nation, it would possess the third largest economy on the planet—after the United States and China. That massive wealth engine is projected to re-define and dominate nearly every area of business for the next 25 years—a long game indeed.  For those who fail to “go long,” there will be only short-lived success.

Of particular interest to senior lifestyle marketers, The Longevity Economy is rapidly transforming the converging industries of Senior Living, Real Estate, Hospitality, Health Care, and Technology. The Long Game is a blog dedicated to bringing visionary thinking from top leaders on how companies can plan for long-term success as this age wave impacts these industries for the next quarter-century and beyond. We invite you to immerse yourself in the thinking of true visionaries from senior living and converging sectors—and to engage in what promises to be a truly fascinating conversation.

Bill Pemberton, SVP of Senior Lifestyle Practice at The Point Group and editor of The Long Game blog

The Long Game blog is powered by The Point Group, a fully-integrated marketing communications agency that has been committed for more than 20 years to thought leadership across these interrelated industries. Over the past decade, Bill Pemberton, SVP of Strategic Communications at The Point Group and editor of The Long Game blog, has been a keen observer of the evolution of age-directed marketing. More recently, he has become fascinated with the emerging phenomenon of The Longevity Economy and the enormous opportunities it offers to adaptable organizations.

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